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Money Talks: How to Create a Business Budget as a Small Business Owner


It makes the world go 'round but can be such a challenging piece of the business puzzle, especially as highly creative CEOs and business owners. 

Are you making enough?

What is your revenue vs. your profit?

What do you need to cut so that you can actually start making a decent living?

How much do you allocate of each check to taxes?

And how can we all start being profitable before we burn out?

I totally get it, because I feel that way, too. (Like, always.)

Plus, traditional blog posts about budgeting doesn't take into account business ownership. And business budgeting blog posts don't give you real numbers, percentages, and takeaways (because that's what we need!).

Which is why I created:


An event for entrepreneurs who need to get clear on where the money comes from, where the money goes, and how to make the most of it.

In this workshop, financial advisor and boss lady, Kim Shappee will teach us how to create a solid business budget, what expenses you actually need to be planning for, and how you can save for retirement, taxes, and big ticket purchases as a small business owner.


(Located at Classic Ink, near Wild Crumb in downtown Bozeman)

What you get:

•A solid hour of practical advice, workshop-style, that will teach you how to lay out your business budget, what major expenses you have to keep in mind when you're creating one, and how to allocate

•Q+A with an expert financial planner who has also started her own business and can tailor advice to product makers AND service providers

•Limited to 20 awesome boss ladies

•Wine, snacks, and an amazing community of people who want to get their finances in order and really start making money, instead of just spending it