Branding workshop in Bozeman Montana

So you've started a business...

Yet the words you write and the images you share on your website feel inauthentic and hollow. And you're not gaining the types of clients you want.

Or maybe you only have a business idea, but you're feeling unprepared to launch it out into the world, not knowing to whom you should be targeting your services and products.

Or maybe you've been at this for a year or two but the clients you're working with...don't feel quite right. And you can't quiiiiite figure out why not. But you don't have boatloads to spend on a marketing expert.

We get it. And we have totally been there.

Figuring out who your clients are, why they want to buy from you, and where they're hanging out (so that you can actually go find them) can be exhausting.

Deciding between pink fonts or using ALL CAPS and wishing you could ask someone if it's okay that you're using a run on sentences? Confusing.

And making sure everything is cohesive and aligned? Discouraging.

But what if you could spend a morning really digging in deep to the kinds of people you actually want to attract, making it much easier to figure out how to find them?

What if you had two experts teaching you all about the psychology of branding and marketing, about how to picture the person you want to work with in your head, then write it all down on paper?

What if you had unlimited access to two highly strategic marketing brains and the feedback of 24 other amazing business owners about your brand and your business?

Because defining a brand is waaaay more than just a logo.

It's a lifestyle. It's how your customers feel about you before they've even hired you.

And you want to give the right impression, no? 


Join us for


How to Make Sure You're Attracting the Right Clients and Customers

Wednesday, March 16

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM



An event for any creative entrepreneur whose business was born out of the love for design / writing / connecting / nutrition / wellness / insert-dream-business-or-side-hustle-here.



  • What is branding and how does it show up everyday for business owners: It's in the tone of your emails, the colors on your website, the shape of the fonts you pick, and the consistency of how you do all these things. We'll break it down nice and simply so you don't get overwhelmed.
  • Defining your ideal client: Because your ideal client is not "everyone."  Exercises, feedback, and group work will be the keys here.
  • Creating a customer persona: We'll help you draw a picture of the exact client you want to work with, and help you figure out what his or her habits are, where he or she is hanging out, and what you need to do to start attracting him or her.
  • Harnessing your inner word nerd: When you write or talk about your clients, what words do you use? We'll do a few exercises on how to make sure you're coming across
  • Tips on design and style: Should you use bold fonts? Italics? How many different types?


  • Three hours of in-depth, deep dive into your brand, plus access to two marketing brains that GET what it's like to be a small business marketing to other businesses and customers
  • All your questions about your brand answered
  • A community of other #bosses to give you their critical feedback about who they think your brand is attracting
  • A workbook to write in and take home with you to remind you who and what your brand is, even when you get lost and frustrated
  • Coffee, tea, and other bevvies to keep you fueled and happy throughout the process

Because your brand is how your clients feel about you without having met you. And we're all about helping you make a good impression.


  • Creative business owners who feel overwhelmed by the topic of branding and want an accessible way to understand their own brand and how others perceive their brand
  • Solopreneurs who just need a community of other business owners to help them dig deep into their own brand and provide feedback based on what exists
  • Non-designers who have questions about colors, brands, fonts, and how to choose each
  • Bootstrapping business owners who need the knowledge about branding, the feedback from a roomful of amazing business owners, but can go home, make edits, and pump up their brand on their own.


  • Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferable ONLY if requested to 7 days in advance. This is because I am personalizing the event and don’t want to get all your personalized stuff, only to realize you can’t make it.
  • If the event sells out, please email to get put on the waitlist (because if someone can’t make it, you could be in like Flynn).



Megan Armstrong visual brand designer

Megan Armstrong

Co-Owner of Armstrong Marketing Solutions

Design & marketing strategist, visual brand maven, and the eye-for-design that we all want on our side



Lauren Caselli

Owner of Lauren Caselli Events

Former copywriter, word nerd, and staunch advocate of your authentic brand voice

Lauren has five years of experience working with small businesses to help them craft their message, capture their voice, and make sure they're telling their story in a way that builds community and loyalty.

Her preferred way of helping her clients now is by helping them create strategic marketing events that have a strong story and appeal to their ideal clients -- all a function of digging deep into her clients' brands and helping them tell powerful tales of their businesses, products, and services.