What I'm doing differently in 2018

Running a business in Montana 2018

Let me tell you, I am LOVING the end-of-the-year slowness that comes with being a service-based business. It lets me do all the creative things that I don't normally have brain space for the rest of the year, and do some serious goal-setting, goal-shifting, and thinking about what I want to do differently.

And what do I want to do differently?

The Boss Lady Community started in April 2015, and since then, I've been trying to figure out what to make it, how to grow it, how to help more people, and modalities in which I (and this community) can help.

The community itself started when I knew pretty much nothing about business. I saw people doing the work, but I didn't understand how they had gotten to the place of making an income, having employees, and expanding their operations. It was so mind blowing to me, but it didn't feel particularly accessible (aka I was always like "How the EFF do they do it?").

I wanted to see if other people felt as lost as I did, and so the BLB Community was born as a place where we could all come together and air out our dirty business laundry, to talk about what's not working, to talk about failure, and to work on identifying holes, gaps, and ways to make ourselves and our businesses serve us as entrepreneurs better.

But what I've been really not great at is keeping you up to date on how my business is going. 

I've changed a LOT of the way I run my business, and 2018 is going to change a LOT more. I want to focus more on serving this community in small, in-person groups and 1:1, and for the rest of you, I want to show you as much transparency as I'm legally allowed behind the scenes of my own businesses, including the Boss Lady Bashes.

If you haven't met me yet, I run a small event planning consultancy in Bozeman, MT. I work with clients all over the world, and this past year, I made more net profit than I have ever in my 10-year career in events (first in political fundraising, then in weddings, then in corporate conferences and workshops, now back to tech and small business conferences). When I started my first attempt at a business in January 2013, I thought I'd just be grateful to make what I was making when I lived in New York City.

Now, almost five years later, I've learned to trust myself, I've honed my skills to know what I'm very good at (and what I'm not very good at), and I'm working on growing a team. I actually never even thought I could ever hire someone, and after doing my balance sheet and 2018 projections, I am certain that I can.

With the Boss Lady Community in 2018, I want it to become a more transparent place regarding my business (aka Lauren Caselli Events, where I make 95% of my yearly income), other community members' businesses, and a place where we can recommend resources to help you get over your personal business hurdles.

The mission of this community is this: to provide more in-person and online places where we as freelancers and business owners can get really real about the things that matter to us as business owners.

Sometimes that means getting help with your revenue stream. Sometimes that means learning how to hire better employees. Sometimes that means having someone look you dead in the face and tell you that they know that you can be making a bigger impact and you need to stop playing it so safe.

Most of the time, it's definitely not talking about how there's too much competition and that the market is too saturated and that if only you had more time/money/help you'd be able to reach your dreams.

I still find that those places are few and far between, and so in 2018, I'm more dedicated than ever to.

How will we do this?

• Boss Lady Bash: The hit event, hosted quarterly, with no other competing events. I'm hiring a team member on in January to help make sure these happen, and am looking for a few good venues to partner with over the course of 2018. Got suggestions? Get at me!

• Small Group Dinners: I hosted one of these in June as a beta test, as a conversation for 12 women about what it means to be a good leader and to have a great community around you while leading. It centered around a delicious meal and it was excellent. I'm excited to host this again in 2018.

 Small Group Coaching Program (online!): It's been my forever dream to host a 6-month strategy and accountability program, with a kickoff retreat and a closing celebration for 6 entrepreneurs who are really serious about getting to the next level in their business. I've been hosting the Creative Lady Club (which is my own small group of accountability buddies, including the women of Treeline CoffeeFlying Bicycle CreativeWhipped ConfectionsTownsend CollectiveSarah Cauble DesignAbound Career Coaching, and Sally Hope) for the last three years and so I'm excited to bring the model to the next generation of badass entrepreneurs.

• Webinars, Blog Posts, and Interviews: I love hosting webinars, because I love teaching content, and I'm so much more creative when I work collaboratively. This year was a big year for client work, but it's hasn't been as scalable as I've wanted it to be, so I'm working on putting a system in place to be able to work with clients, but have a team member work on the execution pieces.

Okay, your turn...what's happening for you this time of year? Are you speeding up for holiday retail? Or slowing down and getting into planning mode?

PS I'm launching the December Boss Lady Bash next Thursday, November 16th at 10:00am. I'm using a new software partner who I love (wahoo!) and we are really excited to be in a brand new location (top secret until Monday :). The event will be Wednesday, December 13th from 5:30pm - 8:30pm. Stay tuned to your email to find out when tickets go on sale.

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