You're Not Too Abrasive, The Real Reason People Remember Your Business, and All the Squarespace Love

Weekly link roundup from awesome lady entrepreneurs

I read a LOT of things on the internet about marketing and strategy (and Beyonce), so I thought I'd start a weekly series with a bunch of my favorite links that I peruse each week. And so, Wednesday Links it is, brought from my browser (and my late night glasses of wine) for your reading pleasure. No google searching and getting lost in the internet required. You're welcome.

Still in your 9-5? Here's what you need to know before you quit.

Ever been described as "too abrasive"? What to do if you find yourself coming up against the "bitchy" stereotype.

Coming up with a tagline for your business is really hard. Here's a good exercise on figuring yours out (PS Boss Lady Bash's tagline is "Because you can't do business alone")

Why people will remember your business

I love Squarespace (obviously), but don't just take my word for it.

Have you ever wanted to do a challenge with your audience? Here's how.

Are you a shop owner and want to have sales in your shop? Here's a list of spring holidays that could be good candidates.

How to tackle your backlog of projects (and actually start getting shit done)

Instagram is changing it's rules of engagement -- is your business ready?

Advice from top lady-preneurs on how they got where they are today