Spring Clean Your Business and Non-Sleazy Marketing for Artists

A roundup of all the amazing business links on the internet for boss ladies in Montana

I read a LOT of things on the internet about marketing and strategy (and Beyonce), so I thought I'd start a weekly series with a bunch of my favorite links that I peruse each week. And so, Wednesday Links it is, brought from my browser (and my late night glasses of wine) for your reading pleasure. No google searching and getting lost in the internet required. You're welcome.

If blogging appeals to you as a way to make money, read this.

Let me guess: you're all GO, GO, GO, yet exhausted by it? Then maybe you should read this.

Revamping (or creating for the first time!) your website? Make sure you've mapped it out beforehand.

Love this interview about how other female entrepreneurs make money and plan their businesses financially.

Do you use Google Docs for business? Here's a great guide on how to use Google Sheets.

For all my artists out there, here's an informative guide to non-sleazy marketing.

Feel like you've got a lot of stupid questions when it comes to business ownership? No you don't!

Your business and website (and blog!) probably needs a little spring cleaning.

Looking for the best way to serve your clients? Niche down (and also, stop looking for your niche).