Wednesday Links: Investing for Women, Hidden Facebook Inboxes, and Other Wednesday Spiciness

On money, growing a business the hard way, and networking like a rockstar

On Monday, I wrote ALL THE WORDS about why blogging has been so hard for me recently. And so, today, I'm going to simply share as many business articles as I can about being a badass business owner (and maybe one about blogging) for your reading and time-wasting pleasure. Enjoy!

My girl Ashlyn rounded up some links of how to be an AMAZING networker (which is like, my favorite topic to talk about ever). Save this one for right before a big conference or event you're heading to.

Don't we all love a good female CEO who built her company into a powerhouse? Jessica Alba's story is so fascinating to me.

This store in Dillon, MT is doing amazing things for ex-cons. 

You know all those people that are like "I totally messaged you on Facebook!" and you're all "huh?" This is why.

You know what's not all that fun? Saving for your business. You know what is fun? Not having panic attacks that you don't have enough capital left to make it through the month. Here's a good way to save for work/life expenses.

Speaking of money, women are woefully behind men in understanding investing and finances. This platform makes it easier for women to invest toward target goals.

Podcasts aren't huge in my life, but whenever I travel (which has been a LOT lately), I binge on podcasts. My favorite? Startup, Planet Money, and Being Boss.

What are your favorite podcasts? And what have you been reading this week?