Wednesday Favorites: Jammin' to Podcasts

Weekly link roundup to help your business grow and stay inspired

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I hope you recovered after the holiday weekend. I know I needed a ton of rest and lots of down time. This week, I'm just sticking to a few links that I found interesting, and the podcasts that I'm totally jamming to. Happy summer!

Sometimes we get in our own way. Anyone ever felt like that before?

Even though I'm loving being a lifestyle business, I'm also currently loving the new podcast from Ebay called Open for Business. They did an episode on hiring that was SO good.

In case you were wondering, powerful women don't have to be competitive.

I was so honored (and a little "hide-under-the-covers") to be profiled in the Bozeman Chronicle about being an entreprenuer. Check out the other awesome ladies in there.

Do you have your career goals in order like this little miss?

I basically love everything that is published on Get Bullish, but this post about creating the minimum viable product (aka the thing that people will DEFINITELY pay for) for your business had me all heart-eyed.

Your turn! What have you been eyeing this week?