How to Write a Better Site: Nail Your About Page

Writing your About Page doesn't have to be so difficult. Learn the best tips to revamp today.

In a former life, I was a copywriter.

Which meant, I helped people write their websites so that they were clear, concise, and sold their offerings in a non-confusing, emotion-based way.

These days, I much prefer blogging for myself, and writing the About Page on this site (which just got a facelift! Check it out!).

But I also know, despite the fact that I like to write and I'm a good writer, there's a LOT of confusion about writing for your website.

So today, I'm going to give you the top tips that I've got for nailing your about page (oh, and I'll be running an even more in depth webinar about it tonight, Thursday, March 24th. You can sign up here.)

1 | Remember that you're writing for the web

We interact with the web differently than we act with a printed piece. Usually, if you take the time to read a printed piece, your attention is focused solely on a printed piece. Whether a magazine, book, article, direct mail piece, if you choose to read that piece of print, you're mostly all in.

Web is VERY different. Lots of times, there are tons of distractions, you've got multiple browsers open, people are switching back and forth, Googling things, and not terribly focused on reading from their browser.

This means you need to:

a) Break up paragraph text often. People have a hard time reading chunks of text on a website. It's even worse on mobile, where up to 50% of people are reading things anyway.

b) Immediately establish what you do. No cutesy sentences like "I'm a life-loving ninja that helps lady-gurus lead mindblowingly rich lives."

Like, what does that even mean?

c) Mix your headers and body text up. Call out important things by making the text BIG. This also will help with SEO, since headlines within pages on websites often get indexed by Google and will help the crawlers identify what your website is about and how to categorize it.

2 | Solve problems, and do it quickly

These days, people rarely stumble upon websites and read them for hours and hours on end. We're just too busy, there are too many websites, and we've evolved in how we browse the internet.

So on your About page (and every page on your site), make sure you establish the problems that your clients have (sometimes people do this with questions like "Do you feel utterly alone in your business?" I don't like that method because it feels overdone, but it can be effective).

Then, tell them HOW you solve the problem (primarily through your business).

And this information shouldn't be buried at the bottom after you've given them your entire life story. It should be among the first two or three things you discuss on your about page.

3 | Focus on your customers, not on yourself

A big mistake I see most people making is that they start every single sentence on their About page with "I".

"I'm Nikki Sicki and I run the website Big Bad Band. I grew up in Montreal, moved to New York, and formed the band. I've been playing music since I was 5 years old."

How bored are you already? Plus, what does this person even do?

Let's revise it to look like this:

"Finding or creating great music for your digital videos can be time consuming. You have to make sure there aren't any licensing issues with a piece of music, you have to jump over lots of hurdles to find the type of music you're looking for, and sometimes, it's really expensive.

I'm Nikki Sicki and I'm here to change all that. I help people create amazing online videos that sound great on YouTube by providing original musical clips for a low-price, that can be downloaded and used for almost anything."

Notice the focus on identifying your customers' problems first THEN clearly telling your customers what your solution is?

4 | Connect first, introduce second

Creating an emotional connection is imperative on your About page, which means you need to establish who SHOULD be reading your page and THEN introducing yourself.

How to do this:

--> Write down 3 things your customer believes about their lives (ex. You run a business...)

--> Write down 3 things that they struggle with in relation to those believes (ex. ...but you aren't making any money)

--> Write down one way you solve each of those problems for them (ex. I can help you raise your rates to make more money)

5 | Make it EASY to understand

Pretend you are talking to a very young child when you're explaining what it is that you do. No fancy words, no cliche phrases, just straight, non-patronizing language that explains exactly what you do and how you do it.

The internet got really weird there for a second and people were making up all these words and phrases that THEY felt described accurately their business, but came out sounding something like "Holistic Kale-Picking Guru" to the rest of us.

We're going for EASY here. For example: 

"I am a strategic event planner and marketer that helps small businesses and tech companies create amazing live experiences so that they can boost their brand awareness and book more clients or sell more products."


"I manage an online community of creative female entrepreneurs that shares resources and encouragement to help women make more money in their business ventures. We host FREE monthly webinars and quarterly networking events."

Your turn:

What questions do you have about your About Page? What do you struggle with when writing your website? I want to hear it!