How to Start Your Day As A Creative

Need help starting your day productively? Here's how I start mine, and tips on how you can make your morning routine a good one.

The Instagram version of my day looks like I sit in my apartment that is swathed in light, gloriously sipping a cup of tea, and totally organized before I sit down at my desk to perform non-overwhelming tasks that make me feel like I'm running a business on clouds.

The reality is, from the minute I open my eyes, until the minute I shut them, I feel behind.

I feel like I'm running on a treadmill and I'm not doing things quickly enough.

You feel me? Good. I feel you too.

But on the days where I get more things done than others, you know what the difference is?

I feel ready because I took the time to get ready before I even open my email.

So here are the things that I do to help me get ready, and here's how you can adapt it for your business:

1 | Make a cup of tea

Seriously, I can't even function without knowing I get delicious breakfast tea in my belly, so it's the literal first thing I do when I get out of bed.

While I'm doing that and waiting for the water to boil, I post my daily graphic in the Boss Lady Bash Facebook Group (join us!). This usually only takes me 30 seconds, but it's so nice to know that it's done and out of the way AND I feel super productive before I've even checked email.

How to DO YOU: Have ONE THING that you do every morning to get you out of bed. Whether it's going for a run, taking a shower, or sitting on the couch snuggling your pup, you should reward yourself for getting out of bed and getting going with something that's going to make you happy.

This thing isn't allowed to be: scroll Facebook, check email, post on Instagram. It should be something that feels rewarding so that you connect positive things with starting your day off right.

2 | I tidy my space

I put away all my dishes, I make my bed, I get dressed and I organize things into piles.

Because let me tell you that if I DON'T do these things while the tea is boiling, I do it when I want to "take a break" or "just take a minute to get my head in order" which means that an hour later I'm decluttering my closet and making a three course lunch and NOT DOING WORK.

How to DO YOU: Give yourself some time in the morning to get organized visually, even if it's just clearing up your desk, making your bed, or putting things into a giant pile on the kitchen table to be dealt with later.

This signals to your brain that there are no "chores" to be done during the day, so you can focus on other things (like MAKING MONEY so that you can continue to work at home and not live in a box on the streets).

3 | I make a list of all the things going on in my head

This can be challenging, but I try to brain dump every morning to create more white space in my head.

After I read the book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, I realized that so much of my brain space was getting taken up by "Call the doctor" and "Get windshield quote" and "Email Cassandra", that I kept switching between tasks all day to make sure that I didn't forget anything.

I started simply writing everything down on paper, plugging it into my Asana, scheduling it into my weekly To Dos, and forgetting about it. That way, I could keep my brain space clear and stopped doing the "Oh! I can't forget to do that! Let me do it right now!" and interrupting my own productivity.

How to DO YOU: Get in the habit of pouring it all out somewhere that you don't have to organize. Sometimes that's in a journal, sometimes that's through art, sometimes that is through a walk. Whatever you need in the morning to clear your head, do that.

4 | I check my Asana for my BIG GOALS for the day

There are usually three (although sometimes I have SEVEN which is too much and often leads to sad-pants working day).

Usually those three things include: blogging, marketing, sales, and client work. In some capacity. I work on marketing my business every day. Sometimes I suck at it. Sometimes I'm great at it.

The smaller things usually include: sending follow up emails, brainstorming with potential collaborators, and writing 

5 | I open my email

Because holy crap, I need to at least get all of my non-urgent emails read and deleted before I can even think about moving forward with the day.

And sometimes, lately, I've been putting an out-of-office on my email if I need to GSD (that means Get Shit Done). I say "I'm working on client work today and I'll respond to you in 24 hours. Thanks for your email!"

That way, no one is confused when it takes me a day to respond to an email. Because email can WASTE time and rarely helps me feel productive, regardless of how motivated I am to be productive.

(PS I TRY to keep my emails under 20 in my inbox, but holy guacamole right now I have over 40. The struggle is real.)