How to Approach People Who Are Bigger Than You, Up Your Engagement, and Get Out of Your 9-5 Already

I read a LOT of things on the internet about marketing and strategy (and Beyonce), so I thought I'd start a weekly series with a bunch of my favorite links that I peruse each week. And so, Wednesday Links it is, brought from my browser (and my late night glasses of wine) for your reading pleasure. No google searching and getting lost in the internet required. You're welcome.

If you're discouraged with the lack of engagement on your blog, it's probably because you're not promoting it well. Here are 17 things that you can do to up your engagement and traffic to your blog posts (and even if you only did 2 or 3 I'm sure that's a start).

Do you love collaborating with other business owners? Here's are 8 GREAT ways to start approaching people who are "bigger" than you and have them say yes to a collab.

Does Instagram marketing confound you? Here are three things you need to stop doing.

Transitioning out of your 9 - 5 and want to know if it's the right decision? This is for you.

How you can get people to trust you online (and get more clients and customers as a result)

I've done bits and pieces of Nathalie's 30-Day List Building Challenge and it's uh-may-zing.

Heading to the tax man soon? Here's your checklist of how to prepare yourself (editor's addition: wine. Lots of wine.)

Struggling to get clients? Nevica has 4 ways to get clients, like, yesterday (no begging necessary)

How you can scale your business (so you ain't gotta do as much hustlin')

In the wedding industry? This is why you aren't getting clients

Money blocks? Denise Duffield is my faaaavorite and she's gettin' REAL about why you aren't making the cash-money you may want to be making.

Selling is an art, and can be really hard for creative business owners. Here are some phrases to retire (and more importantly, what to replace them with)

Want to do an event that actually converts clients for you? I've got you covered, sister.

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