Having Business Hustle, Making Terrible Work, and Freaking Out on Instagram

Having Business Hustle.jpg

I read a LOT of things on the internet about marketing and strategy (and Beyonce), so I thought I'd start a weekly series with a bunch of my favorite links that I peruse each week. And so, Wednesday Links it is, brought from my browser (and my late night glasses of wine) for your reading pleasure. No google searching and getting lost in the internet required. You're welcome.

This is an AMAZING resource for how to plan, schedule, write, market, and publish all of your blog posts.

Are we all a little freaked out by the change in the Instagram algorithm? Don't be.

This is for the beginning business owners. So needed. So necessary.

Want to know more about planning the MONEY side of your business? This post is UNBELIEVEABLE.

These tools for blogging are so helpful, especially if you put out a lot of content.

Are you making sure you get paid? Look at how many business owners aren't.

Need more hustle in your daily coffee? I got you, girl.

If you want it so bad, it's in you (PSA: put headphones on if you can't listen to sassy language)