Get Your Money's Worth: Boost Your Business at Your Next Conference or Networking Event

How to Get Your Money's Worth at Conferences, Workshops, Networking Events, or Retreats

As a business owner, I bet you're constantly telling yourself "I need to be marketing! I need to be networking! I need to go to conferences and meet more people! I need to get myself out there."

Sound familiar?

But every time you go, you put yourself through this terrible torture of meeting people, not knowing if they're a good fit for your business, and then getting stuck talking to them for 20 minutes when you could be talking to someone much better.

Or you go to a spendy conference and you meet a bunch of awesome gals, but you don't know how to turn them into clients or collaborators. And you're all:

"I spent so much money but booked ZERO clients!"

Don't worry, I got you (and if you want EVEN MORE, click here for a webinar about this EXACT topic)

1 | Remember, only go to events that are worth your time

Attend events where your potential CLIENTS will be, not your peers. Maybe it's not a traditional "biz to biz" networking event. Maybe it's a local fundraiser where you know a lot of wealthy people will be, who have kids and will buy your cute kids bows.

Or maybe it's soccer practice...and you could bring some cute bows and give them to moms whose daughter's hair is flying in their face.

Remember: just because it's labeled a "networking event" doesn't mean that's where your people are hanging out.

Be ruthless with how you spend your time! You can do it!

2 | Invest in a business conference

Sure, local networking events are great, but if you want to meet people who actively looking to make their business better and you work with those people? Get thyself there!

This goes for any type of event investment: tradeshows, workshops, conferences, retreats...what's better than being around people who are trying to get better at their business and you stepping in and saying..."Oh! I can help you with that."

3 | Have a strategy

Please do not go into a networking event without a strategy. Or hope that you're just going to "do some networking". You need to have goals, you need to have a plan, and you need to make sure you're making the most of your time and money.

Don't know how to do any of these things? Don't worry. I can help.

This Thursday at 10:30am MST/12:30pm EST, me and my friend Reina are hosting a webinar on "How to Get Your Time + Money's Worth at a Networking Event or Conference."

Because ain't nobody got time to be wasting on silly events that don't make them any money or get them any fans or business friends that they can keep in touch with.