How to Keep Showing Up, Get Shit Done, and Keep Your Boundaries Intact

I read a LOT of things on the internet about marketing and strategy (and Beyonce), so I thought I'd start a weekly series with a bunch of my favorite links that I peruse each week. And so, Wednesday Links it is, brought from my browser (and my late night glasses of wine) for your reading pleasure. No google searching and getting lost in the internet required. You're welcome.

How to Keep Showing Up, Get Shit Done, and Keep Your Boundaries Intact

Someone is going to love you and someone is going to hate you. Show up anyhow. 

You know what sucks your productivity away? Distraction. Fight it, my friend!

Struggling with running your business AND working on your client work? Girl, Marie's gon' help you out.

How to get shit done. Like, all week long.

Making friends online is CRITICAL to your business' growth. Here are five groups you should join for freeeeee.

The most successful people? Have boundaries. Brene tells you allllll about it.

Meetings can be a time suck. Next time you're meeting a client or peer or collaborator, make sure you've got these tips down.

Your business? It's a marathon, not a sprint (careful, there's lots of adult language, so make sure the headphones are in).

Why should you be blogging furiously? This is why. 

Paying yourself is a scary topic, but that's why we're all in business. Learn how to do a better job at actually, ya know, making money (I'll be there! Tweet me @lcasellievents if you will be too!).

How to make your email address super official (no more for you!)