10 Ways to Kill It In Facebook Groups

How to get noticed in Facebook Groups

I'm a BIIIIIG fan of Facebook groups, although I've noticed that people in smaller towns who aren't particularly used to networking online find it really challenging to get started with using Facebook groups.

And to be honest, even when people "participate" in Facebook groups, they're often asking for help themselves, trying to sell you something, or taking advice from other people without responding or interacting.

Which, as we know from all of my ranting about how you should be networking, YOU as a business owner need to be the most concerned about how you can give value to people.

I know it doesn't make any sense sometimes, right? Like "why would I GIVE AWAY content that I could charge for?"

Let me explain something to you:

We live in a world where any piece of information that anyone could possibly ever need is accessible via the internet. For free.

This was not the case 20 or even 10 years ago, which meant salesmen for traditional companies had a good amount of job security if they kept their secrets close to their chests.

However, today's consumer (and today's business owner) is more interested in being able to trust you than hiring you with the HOPE that you know what you're talking about. And because there's SO MUCH NOISE on the internet, it's hard to know really who to trust.

Everyone says they're trustworthy.

"Buy my thing! I'm trustworthy, promise!"

But them being able to ACTUALLY trust you on the internet boils down to three things:

1) Social proof: Tons of testimonials and from well-known and established people.

2) Referrals from people they trust: So better start treating your current clients like GOLD so that they'll recommend you to ALL their friends.

3) The value that you provide to them BEFORE you take their money: Because if you're this good FOR FREE, how good must you be for a price, eh?

This is why tons of people participate in Facebook groups, but don't quite understand what to do with them once they've joined.

Here are the BEST things you could do:

(Oh and PS if you haven't joined our Boss Lady Bash Facebook Group, what the heck are you waiting for?!)

1 | Facebook groups are allll about being active. 

They move SUPER quickly, which means if you're not in there a bunch, and you're not commenting and responding to other people's posts, then you have been forgotten about.

Lots of people lurk in Facebook groups. I'm not sure why, but maybe they don't feel like they can add anything to the conversation.

At any rate, even if you don't have something to add, a vote of confidence or a personal story related to someone else's question is way better than not saying anything at all.

Simply showing up, constantly commenting, and giving people your name recognition is an AWESOME way to start getting recognized in Facebook groups.

Action: Spend 10 minutes every morning leaving 3-5 comments on posts in 2-3 Facebook groups (or 15 comments in ONE Facebook group). If you do that every morning for ONE MONTH, I guarantee people will start asking you specific questions and start recognizing you.

2 | Schedule some time in there to CONNECT with people.

I try to get in my own Facebook group every single morning so that I can help people and connect with them. This looks like:

a) answering questions I may have knowledge on

b) encouraging people

c) shouting out amazing people in the community

Nobody loves it more than when they're being recognized by someone else, and those tiny bits of goodwill add up, and it can lead to everything from major referrals to growth of your personal community. 

3 | Search in the search bar some keywords of things you know about, then give answers.

I always search "Live Events" or "Events" or "Email Marketing" since I love those topics. These are really great ways to see the types of questions people are asking and then you can connect with them directly AND POSSIBLY form a client relationship with them.

4 | Make your profile picture a BIG photo of your face

It's easier for people to remember a nicely cropped, saturated photo of your face, rather than like two cats and one of your kids. If you're using Facebook for business a lot, then you should use the same photo for your personal Facebook image as you do for any other social media avatars. Consistency, friends. It's a game changer.

5 | Introduce yourself (or introduce yourself AGAIN)

Sometimes, people forget what you do and who you are, even if you're really active. Take this swipe script below and go post it in three Facebook groups. Make sure you break up the text, too, so it's readable and digestible.

"Hi! I haven't introduced myself in MONTHS and I know our group is getting bigger so I just wanted to give a little shout out and say hello!

I'm _______ and I do _________. I wanted to ask you a question today: {Insert question you have that is engaging and related to the work you do}"

Boom. Done.

6 | Ask a question about something you're struggling with, then respond to ALL of the comments.

All of them.

People like to know they've been heard. Or seen. 

7 | Tag someone in the group who helped you out.

Just do a little "Thanks to SO-AND-SO for being awesome! SO-AND-SO helped me with THIS-THING-THAT-SHE'S-REALLY-GOOD-AT and I just want everyone to know how AWESOME she is!"

Random acts of kindness lead to acts of other people hiring you because FEELINGS OF GOODWILL!

8 | Share a blog post from someone else in the group OR go to a blog post that has been shared and comment on it

Are you sensing a pattern here? Being helpful. Sharing. Commenting. Go do this. Now.

9 | Participate in the daily prompts

Because nothing sucks more as an admin or group owner than NO ONE responding to a question that you ask. Even if you don't feel supremely confident, ask a clarifying question to get dialogue started. Try to participate in EVERY prompt, even if no one else is. ESPECIALLY if no one else is. The BEST value you can give to other people is your time and attention. Eventually, they'll pay for it, once they trust you.

10 | Say THANK YOU to the admins

They're job is often to make sure people are following the rules, and can be thankless at times. Make sure they know who you are, and THANK THEM. That's a quick way to garner some goodwill (and also, be appreciative of the fact that they're in there every day making a great experience for you. It's a lot of work to manage a Facebook group!)

Your turn!

What are some ways you've interacted in Facebook groups? How have they helped your business? Tell me about it in the comments!