The First Boss Lady Bash: Event Recap

The First Ever Boss Lady Bash in Bozeman Montana - An event for creative female entrepreneurs

Oh heeey Boss Ladies!

I've been LITERALLY sitting on the pictures from the Boss Lady Bash for almost a year (whoops!) and while I totally have used them promotionally, I never ACTUALLY did a full post on the awesomeness that was our first event together (well, also, I only started this website in January, so that proooobably had something to do with it).

If you're new around here, the Boss Lady Bash was created last April 7th, 2015, as a response to the underwhelming networking events that I had been attending.

I was watching all of these other women in bigger cities attending all of these beautifully curated, life-enhancing events.

And yet, I was attending events that felt stale and made me wonder if I'd ever meet people who fully understood what it was like to be a creative business owner.

Or anyone that would take me seriously because I was an "event planner" (which doesn't often happen in a room full of real estate agents, bankers, and lawyers).

So, after creating a fun little get together in my living room, at the encouragement of the other women there, I decided to open this gathering up to a group of about 40 women. I had secured a venue (a brand new hotel that didn't have a conference space, but had enough lobby space to host us during their "soft-opening" week), and a few sponsors (including a photographer, a cake baker, some swag sponsors, and a graphic designer to help with the website).

And what happened, was this:

Boss Lady Networking Event in Montana // photo by Citizen Lucida

Oh, all those little hanging nametags were also hand calligraphed by an amazing vendor friend, Lady Lewton Calligraphy. She's the best!

I was making a speech and trying not to die from fear of public speaking. Don't worry, I've done it like 20 more times since then so I'm MUCH better.

Boss Lady Bash in Bozeman, MT - Networking Events for Female Creative Entrepreneurs

All the noms. Thanks Food for Thought!

Awesome swag ideas from the Boss Lady Bash in Montana

These swag boxes were SO fun, and our sponsors were totally awesome in supporting us! Thanks Birdwalk Press, Whipped, and Little Red Wagon Coffee!

How to make a networking event super rad -- with cupcakes from Whipped in Montana!

Scroll through the gallery for more!

VENDORS (who are SO rad!)

Venue: The Lark Hotel // Catering: Food for Thought // Graphic Design (website): Sarah Cauble // Calligraphy: Lady Lewton // Paper Goods: Birdwalk Press // Baked Goods: Whipped // Photography: Citizen Lucida // Wine: Town and Country Foods // Coffee: Little Red Wagon // Planner: Lauren Caselli Events (that's me!)