In Which I Talk About Epic Failure

What happens when you fail in your business and how to recover.

Being in business for yourself can sometimes seem like a series of wins (hooray!) and then some epic failures (ugh!).

And while the wins pass quickly often, sometimes the failures just...stick around. And you feel like a big mess of a business owners.

I get you. I feel that way, too. And I sort of made an epic fail last week.

This year, I've been focused on consistency. I'm trying to blog daily (with varied results), I'm trying to host more events, and I'm trying to expand my network both in-person and online.

One of the monthly events that I host (or that I'm supposed to host) is called Co-Working Wednesday. I invite other Boss Ladies from my community to come to a coffee shop and we all sit around and work together. The point is to create a place where creatives can get out of their houses and work in community with others.

It usually happens on the last Wednesday of the month. But this month...I just forgot.

I...forgot. I didn't schedule it my calendar and I happened to schedule a couple meetings in its place.

And I felt awful. But here's how I dealt with it.

1 | Realize you're not the only one who messes up

I've messed up so many times and, as the captain of this little ship that I can't even count them anymore. It sucks, sure, to let the community down and to forget to create an opportunity that people may be looking forward to, but know that the people who really believe in you and your business will be understanding.

They've messed up at some point to.

2 | Do what you can to make it right

For me, that means continuing on with April's Co-Working Wednesday as usual. It means writing this blog post and apologizing. It means taking a pen to my calendar and making sure all the Wednesdays are covered from here on out.

3 | Schedule a way to make it up to your community

Oh what's that? I'll see you on April 27th at Co-Working Wednesday? I feel like we should have it at a bar instead of a coffee shop so that we can have wine and work. Who's with me?