Tuesday Tutorial: How to Embed A Webinar Onto Your Website (for Free!)

How to embed a webinar on your Squarespace website for free using Google Hangout On Air

When I started doing webinars almost a year ago (firstly about events and now about small business hacks; you can see them all here), I didn't actually know how to create a streamlined webinar tech process, which led to a LOT of confusion and not many people would sign up for my webinars.

But I finally got the hang of it, using a combination of Google Hangout On Air, Chattango, and Squarespace's "private" page (and a Mailchimp series that allowed me to notify the people who signed up for the webinar when they signed up, the day before they signed up, and 10 minutes before I went live).

Let me be really clear, however.

This process is VERY cumbersome. It would definitely be easier to use something like Leadpages. But I'm not ready to invest, and until I am, this is going to be my FREE, yet bulky process.

Watch the video below where I show you how to do it!


Squarespace: My website provider

Mailchimp: To capture the email addresses.

I have a separate list called "Monthly Webinars" where, when people sign up for webinars, they're put on the list. Once the webinar is over, I move all those people from the webinar list to my main list)

Google Hangouts On Air: To broadcast myself speaking AND for the captured replay

Chatango: The embeddable chat box that I placed to the left of the webinar screen

A second screen or iPad: So that I can be aware of the chat box at the same time that I'm presenting the webinar.

NOTE: I used to not use a second screen and I would just tell people to put questions in the chat for the end of the program. That's fine, but you also can't interact with people as much since sometimes they'll type fun things like "This is awesome! Thanks so much for doing this!" or other words of encouragement,

Your mileage may vary.


Got any questions about the above tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!