Tutorial Tuesday: How I Use Asana with Google Calendar for the Most Productive Day Ever

A tutorial on how to use Asana with Google Calendar

A tutorial on how to use Asana with Google Calendar

Last week I was all up on my high horse about being productive.

Then I realized that I was holding onto one of my best kept secrets: the way I ACTUALLY schedule and plan my day, every day.

If you're a primarily client-based business or you take a lot of meetings throughout the day and you want to know how to stay on top of your projects, this post is for you.

I'm going to show you how I:

a) Schedule my weeks and make sure my project planning is on point

b) Use a scheduling software to make sure I don't ever miss a meeting

c) Use my overall calendar with my project management system to get things done


1) Google Calendar

2) Asana

3) YouCanBook.me Scheduling Software

Step 1 | Better ORGANIZE!

After creating accounts with each of these platforms, I open up my weekly calendar. I have a repeating "Appointment" in the morning where I spend one hour drinking coffee in my pajamas and going through all of my projects for the day (in blue).

Using Google Calendar to plan my day with a recurring appointment

I then look at my "To Dos" for the day (the things in purple). These are synced with my Asana project management software (where I write everything down under a certain project heading) and pull in every day.

Step 2 | Brain Dump

After I organize my day, I write down anything that's floating around in my brain or that I just remembered into my Asana. On the left, there are a ton of projects that I'm working on, and my goal is to simply write down the next one or two tasks to continue moving each project forward. I then assign each "To Do" to myself and give it a due date.

How to use Asana as a project management software

Step 3 | Review my overall project calendar in Asana

After I give all my "To Dos" a due date, I color code each project (on the left in the image above) and then I flip over to the calendar view to see what my month looks like. If any day looks too heavy (more than 3 - 5 tasks) I try to reallocate as necessary.

Sometimes the tasks are little (like "Email caterer" or "Send proposal") which are okay. However, I find that if I'm staring at a day with 9+ tasks, even if they're little, it feels extremely overwhelming.

Step 4 | Open Google Calendar and check in with Asana as necessary

I keep two tabs open at all times: my Asana project management and my Google Calendar.

I check in with each of these things hourly to make sure I'm on track each day.

If I don't get something done, I move it to the next day or I stay up a little later at night and work on whatever I missed.

Your turn! How do you keep yourself on track every day?