5 Tips On Creating Your Freebie Opt-In

The best tips to create an opt-in for your mailing list

So this weekend is the weekend that you finally sit down and create that opt-in freebie right?

The one that will EXPLODE your list growth.

The one that will make clients drool over your amazing services.

Except you're just sitting there, watching the cursor blink, opening up another article about opt-ins, and not getting ANYTHING. DONE.

I'm going to walk you through the 5 BEST things to do when this is happening to you, so that you can get your opt-in written already.

1 | Make it short.

Two or three pages MAX. If you're feeling verbose and you want to write an epic e-book, go right ahead, but the reality is, people want something that they can quickly scan, read and implement without a ton of work.

There are downloads galore on the web now, so if your biggest hurdle is creating something for your readers to download, making a short PDF or worksheet is way, way better than stressing yourself out for months, waiting until you've got the perfect amount of content ready for distribution.

2 | Make it interactive. 

Sure, tons of e-book content is awesome, but you know what makes people want to download stuff? Organizational tools. Things that make them feel good about making progress. Prompts that give them the brainstorming parameters to actually move forward.

One of my favorite downloads ever is an editorial calendar (that someone probably just pasted from Google Calendar) with a list to fill in ideas for blog posts. It's two pages and I print one out monthly and fill it in.

These days, giving people a tool to make progress can be extremely helpful for your download rates (plus, it's a lot less writing for you if you're creating a worksheet, a checklist, or a sample calendar, etc.)

3 | Design is important, but delivery is more important

For all the non-designers out there, the design piece of your opt-in freebie can get really overwhelming and can sadly keep AMAZING content from ever seeing the light of day.

I'm going to give you a hot tip: not many people ACTUALLY care about the design. As long as the content really helps them spur change, and the design is pleasing enough, people aren't going to criticize you for not using appropriate, on-brand fonts.

My DIY design process? I've literally created a header in PicMonkey with my logo, then written the words for my opt-in in Keynote or Google Docs, then converted it as a PDF.

Not convinced and wanting to make yours a little more profesh? My girl Stacy Townsend from Townsend Collective designs AWESOME PDFs for your business (and she's a steal of a deal!)

4 | Make sure you've got your marketing pieces in line

A lot of people will create an opt-in with their top tips...and that's it.

No. No. No.

This is a marketing piece. Which means you should be adding the things below to your opt-in to make sure there is some residual brand awareness.

a) Your headshot and a fun bio on the last page

b) Your website and favorite social media handle on the bottom of every page

c) Your logo somewhere, either on the main page or as a secondary stamp somewhere

5 | Include a call to action

Since this is a marketing piece, give people something to do after they complete the worksheet. Do you want them to share it to Instagram and tag you? SAY THAT at the end of the PDF.

Other calls-to-action could be inviting them to share the PDF with their friends, asking them to book a service or free call with you, or send you an email with a question.

Your turn!

What is the best thing about your freebie opt-in? What do you wish was a little bit better?