Top 5 Best Things About Being an Entrepreneur in Montana

Want to know why it's so great to start a business here? Here are the best 5 reasons!

1 | Getting to enjoy the fruits of "the most entrepreneurial state in the nation"

It's no secret that the job landscape in Montana can make it difficult to find well-paying jobs in our respective fields. But boss ladies don't just roll the eff over, do we?

No. We go out and create our own jobs, find our own clients, and make shit happen. Capiche?

In all seriousness, it can be hard in a primarily agricultural state to figure out how to grow and launch a business...but if you're familiar with the online landscape and are ace at growing a community (as I KNOW you are because you're here reading this), then there's no reason why you shouldn't be out there nabbing clients and bossin' it up.

2 | Meeting other boss ladies around the state who are immediately stoked to know that you're also a CEO of badassery

Seriously, there are lots of squeals and high-fives whenever I get into a room and say "Um, I'm an entrepreneur..." It's like a secret club that I never knew I was a part of.

Plus, how great is it that the ratio of female business owners who are starting businesses to male business owners is 2:1 in Montana. That's how AWESOME we are.

3 | Your friends include a #tacoboss

Yep. Boss ladies roll deep...with tacos. And taco shop owners.

(Also, if you aren't already friends with a #tacoboss owner, get in our Facebook group. You won't regret it AND you'll get a personal introduction to #tacoboss Marley McKenna. You hear it here first, folks.)

4 | There's an amazing resource that's connecting women digitally to help our rural ladies get access to education, networks, and more

Because we all need a little more mentorship in order to keep the wheels spinnin' and our heads on straight, amiright?

And even if you don't want to be mentored (which, WHY NOT?), you can reach out to other women in smaller communities (or bigger ones!) and find out how you can mentor them. Isn't that sweet?

5 | You need help? We've got a conference for that.

For the state of this population density, the amount of live in-person events, conferences, workshops, and resources that exist is mind-blowing (and don't you worry...there's a Boss Lady Conference a'comin' down the pipeline my friend).