Why You Need to Be Building Your Email List

You know what piece of advice I heard over, and over, and over again when I started my business?

"Build. Your. Email. List."

And I ignored it because...who cares about an email list? I had 1000 other things to do, from website developing to getting good photos to making sure I was, ya know, making money every day.

And here I am, three years later, and the advice I'd give to myself 3 years ago?

"Build. Your. Email. List."

Because of my email list I've:

• Sold out 4 events in less than 2 days
• Gotten hired on the spot after someone read my opt-in
• Been asked to consult on email marketing based SOLELY on my own emails
• Conducted market research (because I actually had a market to research once I built the list)
• Made money (because that's what this is all about, right?)

It took me years to figure out how to write good emails, how to connect with an audience, how to format the emails, and how to actually be consistent in sending the dang things out.


Today, I'm going to give you five reasons you should start your email list TODAY:

1 | Email is the doorstep of your potential customer

You know how some people talk about Facebook likes and Instagram hearts? That's all fine and good, but think about the specific reach of a Facebook post or an Instagram post. They're dead after a few hours or even minutes...whenever someone else's post pushes yours even further down the newsfeed.

With email, you basically get to stand on the doorstep of potential customers. It's the only way you get to have direct access to something they check every day, multiple times a day. And if they click on your email, you'll get their attention for a few minutes, if not more. Which is industry GOLD in the marketing world. 

A lot of people say email is dead, but I don't agree, since email has been one of the fastest ways I've grown my business. It's all about creating quality content, making sure you're letting people know about your quality content, and moving forward.

2 | Tracking the people that you've met at networking events and in person

I use networking events as a BIG part of my business model (maybe you've even come to one! If so, hooray! Thanks!). One of the things that people get SUPER wrong about networking events is that it takes SO. MUCH. EFFORT. to reach out to each individual person after a networking event.

However, if I meet someone and make a good connection with them, I often ask them if I can add them to my mailing list. When I host Boss Lady events (even freebies!), I always make sure I have an email list signup at the door of the event so I can capture emails. Those events often bring me 20 - 50 email signups each, which is SUPER awesome for list growth.

3 | Being able to figure out how to serve clients better...and make more money

If you're not quite sure how to monetize your email list, that's totally fine. Imagine your email list as a way for you to ask your ideal clients questions about the products or services you offer. Sometimes I send surveys or ask questions to my list with NO other purpose than to gather information. If I didn't have a list, I wouldn't be able to conduct effective market research.

Plus! Once you ask your clients for what they want, you'll waste less time creating products and services that they don't want.

4 | Diversifying your income stream

One thing I always hear from service providers is "...but I offer really expensive website design/development. Most people can't afford to hire me 1:1. Why do I need a list?"

Girl, get ready for this.

You may only work for a few select high-end clients, but how awesome would it be if you could work with a ton of clients who don't have a lot of money to spend, but could spend something. Like, what if you created an e-course or a webinar where you charged less to reach the people that really want to work with you. You can still expand your reach, make some money (even $10,000+!) but offering your knowledge and skills in an informational capacity to a wider audience.

This also decreases risk, since if you can teach your skills to other people who want to learn how to do what you do and learn how to make some decent money from it, you don't have to rely on your BIG FISH clients year after year. Because sometimes budgets get cut, sometimes people don't  renew, and then you find yourself fighting for projects all over again. When you have a list that you can market and sell to (and also build community through), you'll never struggle for work.

5 | Establishing you as an expert

Blogging and content creation in general is a really good way to establish yourself as an expert because you get to tell many people how much you know without having to demonstrate it in a 1:1 capacity (which takes a lot of time, amiright?).

Email marketing is a great way to get started establishing yourself as an expert, and consistently sending email to your list with GREAT high quality content (tips, tricks, hacks, secrets, etc.) is one way you can convince people of how good you are at what you do. If you blog, that's another way, but the nature of the blog-o-sphere these days is that it's harder and harder to get eyes on your expertise. With email, you at least get to enter their inbox, and if you have a good track record of delivering good content, your emails will get opened.

Email marketing is a HUGE beast and there are companies that spend tons and tons of money trying to figure out what sort of emails convert best. But if you can keep in mind that people only open emails to get something for themselves (whether it's to save money or time, to be entertained, or to learn something) and then keep that in mind every time you write an email, you'll be golden.

Want to cut through all that BS and learn how you can do it yourself (and build your business in the meantime)?

I'm hosting a webinar this Friday from 11am - 12pm MST allllll about email marketing with Mailchimp.


You'll learn:

Email Goals (like #squadgoalz but better): Why you should start building your list and how to set good list-building goals

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How to Grow Your List: Some basic strategies to get people to sign up for your email list (based on tools I've learned recently)