#MontanaBoss: Introducing our Friday Series

When I moved to Montana in 2012 from New York City, I remember having a HUGE dream to start my own copywriting shop here in Bozeman, grow my influence, make $100k in my first year, and then move back to New York and rent a cute studio in Williamsburg.

Which...didn't really happen. Like, at all.

The one thing that I remember missing the most during my first year here in Montana was theaccess to other entrepreneurs, male or female, either at networking events OR being able to find them and their stories online. I found it so powerful in New York to read someone's about page and their website and then be able to actually go and meet them at a happy hour or a networking event.

Well, since the Boss Lady Bash was launched, I've always wanted to have an online home for women not yet in the community to read about the amazing women that ARE in the community. A way for these women to tell their stories and to really get REAL on the wins and the struggles that happen as an entrepreneur.

So every Friday for as long as I have #bossladies (which is a LOT in this state! Twice the rate of men!), I'll be putting together a little interview series called #MontanaBoss.

I can't WAIT to introduce you to some of the amazing women who are going to come on the blog. We've got florists, investors, bank owners, restaurateurs, and other mega-badass babes on the quest to not only create a business, but to create a life.

Want to get in on the action?

Fill out this questionnaire, and then send me over a few photos. I'll let you know within two weeks when your post goes live!