#MontanaBoss Friday: Julia Yanker of Life Untethered Coaching

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Happy Friday, boss! A day of lazily closing out the week, chatting with your co-workers (aka your pets) about your weekend plans, and hopefully closing up shop juuuust a little early. Each Friday, we'll be doing a feature on an amazing creative business owner in the Big Sky State, so that we can all learn a little bit more about the struggle and the awesomeness of being a business owner. Click here to read other interviews with amazing women from around the state!

Hey girl hey! Introduce yourself and tell us about your biz!

I'm Julia Yanker of Life Untethered Coaching. I'm a transformational life coach who helps entrepreneurs and other professionals launch their business and navigate their career while maintaining healthy work-life balance and operating effectively from a low-stress zone.

How did you start your boss lady journey?

"Go big or go home" was a phrase I had always heard about, but never fully understood until a pivotal moment in the mountains a few years ago that has shaped my life since then. I was bored to tears at my office job, and KNEW something bigger was calling me…but I didn’t know what it was yet. In a flash of insight after reading a blog, I knew that I was being called to coach people. I was terrified. I was doubtful. I was completely sure I had to do this. I had walked such a long path of personal transformation that I felt a knowingness within me that this was the same work I was meant to guide others through. So I decided to go big, because I wasn’t ready to stay home anymore. (Editor's note: Sounds like a "year of unrest" to me, which is the BEST year! Read about the cycle of years)

Have you gone full-time with your business?

I'm still working part-time at my other job and do a lot of personal work to maintain a healthy attitude towards that job. Otherwise, it can be frustrating! I support the Board of Directors for the non-profit I work for in Bozeman.

Okay, let's talk about the DNA behind Life Untethered. Were you one of those women with entrepreneurship basically in your blood that we always hear about?

Both. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit. As the child of immigrants to the U.S., I knew that if I wanted something, I needed to find a way to get the money to make it work. But starting a business is a lot of work and can be discouraging, at times. So even with that entrepreneurial drive, it wouldn't have been enough to keep me going in the tough times. If it wasn't for the passion I have for personal transformation and helping others to be their best selves, I would have quit long ago.

How do you build an income and a life through Life Untethered?

All the money I make in my business stays in my business, and the non-profit pays my bills. I also have a super supportive husband who is on board with the personal sacrifices we've both had to make to make this a reality. This year, after 1.5 years in business, I'm anticipating enough income that I can start using my business to support me while I wean myself off the other job. I'm blessed to have the other work I do have - it's very flexible and exactly what I need right now.

What was your most expensive mistake?

Not putting myself out there to be ABLE to make expensive mistakes! I think my business would have grown much more rapidly if I had put myself out there more.

What's do you think is biggest misconception that women have around business ownership?

In my opinion, it's this subtle, unconscious belief that it HAS to be hard. You can start a business and have excellent quality of life! It doesn't have to be stressful for you, damaging to your relationships, or keep you from doing other things you love.

Where would you like to be in the next year? The next five years?

By next year, I will be making the same amount of money from my business to cover what the non-profit pays me. In 5 years, I will be working 4 days a week and hosting wilderness retreats, have a full-fledged program, and will be making a big impact in the community.

How would you define a Boss Lady?

She's got the lady balls to go out and do whatever she wants, regardless of how others view her or what they think about her or her ideas.

What one piece of advice would you give yourself in your first year as a biz owner?

Year 1: Put yourself out there! Take big risks and be ok with failure. Failure isn't truly failing, it's simply data that you use to guide your actions and decisions in the future. It's not truly failure until you allow it to stop you, and you quit.

Year 3: Trust the process. Trust that the right things will appear at the right time. You are bound to be successful, just keep going...you don't have to know what the rest of the path looks like, all you have to do is take the next step that's obvious to you...no matter how small it is.

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