You Should Start a Mastermind (Plus, A Freebie to Get You Started!)

Exactly one year ago, I sent a very personal, BCC email to 10 women who I knew somewhat loosely, but who I wanted to learn from in business.

Six months before that, I was lying face up on my bed, tears streaming down my face because I was struggling so hard with being my own boss and had no one to talk to about it.

My partner at the time didn't understand.

My family thought I'd be happier if I just got a job.

My friends were really good at giving hugs and telling me it sounded hard, while nodding and furtively trying to figure out how they could get out of this conversation.

I KNEW I needed a community, but after many more nights like that, lying on my bed, staring up through tears, I also knew that community wasn't going to come find me.

I needed to create it.

Which brings me back to that personal email I sent on a whim to 10 amazing women.

The mastermind I created has led to:

1. A Boss Lady Bash (or four)

2. Speaking gigs

3. More clients than I would have had otherwise

4. Some of my best adult friendships

Masterminds are amazing because they can bring you:

SUPPORT: Yep, you can cry when you lose a big client and they’ll understand)

ACCOUNTABILITY: Because you’ve postponed your website launch 3 times and you need someone (or some ladies) to lay a smackdown

REFERRALS: When people get to know you, they want to recommend you to their friends

PROGRESS: The way my business grew when I had a mastermind vs. before is ridiculous in comparison

Which is why I want to teach you exactly how to kickstart your own.

Because your business will automatically get better because of it. Promise.

I've created a freebie template JUST for you on how to get started. Drop your email in the box below, and you can grab your copy!