5 Really Good Business Goals I'm Setting This Year

You know how January breeds this almost frenetic energy to DO something with your life? Make 2016 YOUR YEAR! Turn over a new leaf! Set good goals (which is definitely on the list since we're running a Goal Setting Workshop tomorrow)!

It's no surprise that traditional goal-setting doesn't work. I don't even have to reference studies for this one: I'll give you $10 if you can remember all the goals you set for yourself last year, let alone the ones that you followed through on.

And that's the kicker about goal-setting isn't it? We write down a tangible end goal, but we don't actually give ourselves a plan to follow it. It's the classic "lose 10 pounds" goal; but HOW are you going to do that and WHY do you want to do it anyway?

So this year, I'm approaching goal-setting a little differently and trying to not just create a life around my goals, but to implement habits that make me better overall. Here are 5 good goals that I'm setting this year that are meant to create REALLY GOOD HABITS instead of making me feel bad in February when I'm sitting on the couch binging on Netflix when I should be juicing my farm-share and running a 10k.

Drink tea every morning

Tea? How is that a business goal? I might as well juice the farm share and write a book about the benefits of kale, amiright? *insert eyeroll*

This goal isn't really about the tea. It's about knowing that the first thing I'm going to do when I open my eyes in the morning is...drink tea. Or rather, heat up water for tea, sit on my couch, spend time in my journal, or maybe just allow myself to wake up slowly.

The goal behind this goal is to set myself up for an intentionally slow morning. It's not so much about the tea as about knowing that I get to do ONE easy thing right when I wake up, which hopefully will turn into a habit, which hopefully will mean I'm not going to be a frantic mess and checking emails from my phone in bed.

No meetings on Mondays or Fridays

This is a HUGE one for me, because I can get all of my client work done on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, but I often leave my creative work for...well, never. So this year, if I don't schedule any meetings, calls, or client work on Mondays or Fridays, I get a full two days of the week solely to work on my own creative business projects. And that feels good to me.

Again, this is about building a structured work week habit. I get to ease in and out of the week, knowing I don't have to leave the house on those bookend days (or, possibly leaving the house in the summer to take a long weekend or two), but feeling like I have the freedom on those days is extra helpful.

Commit to ONE big project per quarter

I am the QUEEN of over-committing to too many projects. Webinars and events and launches and clients, oh my! But I find that if I commit to only one BIG project per quarter, it makes me feel like there is less on my plate than loading myself up with lots and lots of things to do each month.

The habit that I'm building here is the habit of saying N-O and committing to something within my business rather than straight client work. What would that look like for you? Building a more sustainable social media plan? Meeting with new vendors or potential collaborators?

It's so hard to forget about client work and try to work IN our business, so brainstorming a few long-term projects to work on slowly (at least every week) is a habit I'm trying to build.

Track my stats weekly

You know that what gets measured gets better, right? This year, I'm growing the Boss Lady email list (sign up here to get first dibs and some fun freebies including one going out next week!), my Instagram following, and my income.

I created a simple spreadsheet that has rows for each of the things I'm tracking as well as some behaviors I took that I suspected that led to growth in any particular area.

Do a monthly review

We don't get better unless we look back at what went well and what didn't go well. Reflection is honestly something I never, ever do, but whenever I do look back, I'm always impressed with how much better I did in a particular month than I thought.

This year, I've already planned the last day of every month in my calendar as "review day" where I free-write what went well for the month, what I didn't do, my growth goals and the actual numbers, as well as my overall feeling for the month.

Okay, your turn! What are some goals you're setting this year and what are the habits that you want to build? Comment below and let me know!