#IMTHEBOSSCHALLENGE (22 Days of Instagram. Because January.)

The calendar is flipping forward on Friday to 2016...and whether you're ready or not, there's a brand, spankin' new year all shiny and ready for the taking.

And the one thing I PROMISED myself I'd work on is meeting as many creative business owners as I could in the Mountain West.

Because as we all know, our businesses grow better and more intentionally if we grow them together.

Enter: #ImTheBossChallenge

An Instagram challenge for BOSS LADIES to be completed during the first 22 Days of January (because I have a thing for even numbers, and 21 just wasn't feeling right).

Co-hosted by yours truly and Even Howard!

The Goal

To meet more Boss Ladies around Montana by searching the hashtag #ImTheBossChallenge and #MontanaBoss (the hashtag which will endure beyond these next 21 days). Hopefully, this means more followers, more likes, more comments, and more relationships over social media.

Instagram lets you connect with local, like-minded individuals, but there isn't really a hashtag that we could find that unites business owners local to Montana. So Even and I created the challenge so we can all start connecting!

A word on strategy: If you didn't know, more people find you via hashtags than any other method. So additionally, each day Even and I will suggest some hashtags that you can use and will help you be found by a larger audience outside the #ImTheBossChallenge.

How To Get Started

1. Go to Instagram. Follow @lcasellievents and @evenhoward (we're cohosting! It's going to be so fun!)

2. Take a screenshot of the below graphic (or email it to yourself if you're on desktop. You do you). These are the daily prompts that we'll all use.

3. Be sure to post an initial post that shows you're participating. And get ready for like and comment LOVE from all of us other Boss Ladies (don't forget to use the tags #ImTheBossChallenge and #MontanaBoss).


How It Works During January

Each day, there will be a prompt (see the image above for all the prompts). You'll take a photo, post it to Instagram

1. Use the #ImTheBossChallenge to tag each daily post. We also have supporting tags that can be used each day to reach a larger community (which ultimately is what we want! More biz friends and followers). Those will be posted on both mine and Even's daily posts as well, or you can come up with your own!

2. Search the tag #ImTheBossChallenge each day to see who else in Montana (and beyond) is taking part. It's a great way to build community locally (and to drool over what some amazing local biz owners are doing)

3. Don't forget to like, comment, and share posts that you LOVE (because we're all here for each other and who doesn't love a comment or a like on their photo, amiright?)

Prompt Ideas

January 1: A Fresh Start

What do you want to let go of in 2015? What would a fresh start look like, either in business or in life?

Optional tags: #newyear #goals #bosslady #newbeginnings

January 2: Introductions

It's selfie time! Take a picture of your lovely face (or use a headshot!) so we can all recognize each other online, in-person, or in the Facebook group. Don't forget to tell us who you are, what you do, and anything else you was us to know about you!

Optional tags: #selfie #fridayintroductions #aboutme #montana

January 3: Saying Yaaaas!

What do you need to say yes to more often? More self care? More clients? More money? What do you need more of in your life?

Optional tags: #yes

January 4: Saying Nope

What behavior do you need to let go of? Or what tasks do you need to outsource? What's slowing you down that you can clear out of your life starting today.

Optional tags: #nothanks #byefelicia #mycreativebiz

January 5: Biz Squad

Who supports you during the struggle? Is it a team of people you've hired or some great biz friends? Take a picture of them OR something that reminds your of them.

Optional tags: #bizsquad #squadgoals

January 6: Montana Boss

What does a Montana Boss do that's different from other entrepreneurs? Show us what makes you and your business uniquely Montana.

Optional tags: #MontanaBoss #Montana #Bozeman #Missoula #406

January 7: Office Tour

Let's see your space! Give us a glimpse of where the magic happens

Optional tags: #officetour #officespace

January 8: Dream Big

What are your big dreams? If your business was anything and could look like anything, what would it look like?

Optional tags: #dream #dreambig #bossdreams

January 9: Tools of the Trade

Flat photography is all the rage, so stage a pic of all the things you need to get the job done on a daily basis.

Optional tags: #tools #toolsofthetrade #productphotography

January 10: The Best Thing

What is the best thing about being the CEO?

Optional tags: #thebestthing #hustle #CEO #best

January 11: The Hardest Thing

What is the hardest thing about being the CEO?

Optional tags: #hard #strugglewiththejuggle

January 12: My Why

Why do you get up in the morning every day to do what you do? Family? Kids? Dreams? A healthy bank account?

Optional tags: #mywhy #thisiswhy

January 13: Grateful

What are you grateful for in your business? What do you think about when things get hard?

Optional tags: #grateful #bestlifeever

January 14: Ain't Nobody Got Time

Because life is too short to worry about doing it better or as good as someone else. What do you no longer have time for in business? Why or why not?

Optional tags: #youdoyou #busy #hustling

January 15: Getting Unblocked

It happens. Creative blocks strike and sometimes their agonizing to get out of. How do you get your creative mojo flowing again?

Optional tags: #creative #creativebusinessowner #unblocked

January 16: Weekend Vibes

Show us your weekend! Whether active, passive, or somewhere in between, what does a Boss Lady on a Saturday look like?

Optional tags: #weekendvibes

January 17: Self Care Sunday

You know you don't do enough of it, but hopefully you at least get a little ritualistic care in on Sunday. Show us what self-care looks like for you.

Optional tags: #selfcare #stayhealthy

January 18: Leader Love

It's Martin Luther King Day, and don't we all need more mentors, leaders, and world changers to look up to? Who are your modern day heros?

Optional tags: #mlk #leader #boss

January 19: One Thing I Need

It's hard asking for help, but hopefully by now, we've created a fantastic community of amazing boss babes that can help you out with advice. What is ONE thing you need help with right now? Ask away!

Optional tags: #help #bossbabe #ladyclub

January 20: Business Reads

What do you read to get inspired? What are you currently reading? Are you a book or blog person? Show us how you get your business news and how you learn to get yourself to the next step.

Optional tags: #whatimreading #inspiration

January 21: My Daily View

What do you get to see when you look up from your desk? Or from your commute? Or something else that gives us a little behind the scenes look into your everyday biz life.

Optional tags: #dailyview #myview

January 22: The Good Life

It is a good life, isn't it? Snap a picture that shows how good life can be when you're the boss.

Optional tags: #celebrate #thegoodlife #ceodreamin


We can't wait to get to know you!

Love your #MontanaBoss Ladies,

Even and Lauren