What is a "Boss Lady"?

Forgive me if you've seen this already on Instagram, but in a moment of sheer genius (aka after about 3 dozen Christmas cookies and a flight of Maker's Mark), I decided that it was time to actually DEFINE this #bosslady business.

(And Maker's + Christmas cookies always helps when you're trying to get deep into the soul of your business, amiright?)

Because the truth is...

...being a BOSS sounds good in theory, but it's actually quite difficult.

...being a BOSS means doing the hard thing (blogging, devoting time to marketing, pitching a new client, creating a brand new set of events) when there's no one telling you to not do  the easy thing (watch Netflix, screw around on Facebook, paint your toenails, did I mention Netflix?).

...being a BOSS isn't just what you do all day. It's how you live your life, how you share your unique gift, and what you tell the haters (which absolutely should be one word: BYE!)

...being a BOSS (and I guess here is where I make the gender qualifier) LADY means:

1. Being serious about your business...whatever serious means to you. 

The biggest indicator of a woman deserving of the title "BOSS" is someone who wants the life of working for herself, and pursues it endlessly.

Which sometimes, can look like laying down the hammer for a year while she gets her marriage in order.

Or takes care of her young children.

Or works on herself.

Or travels...because she always promised herself she would.

Or works part-time because that's really all she wants to work.

The best thing about being your own BOSS is that YOU get to decide...not your mama, not your best friend, not your husband.

YOU, sister.

And whatever being a boss to you looks like is exactly what you should be. 

Ain't nobody got time for apologizing. There are empires to build, and states-of-the-business to run.

Be a BOSS...and be utterly dedicated to doing it. The rest will come, so long as you're loyal to your own vision (which will probably change...hourly. Just go with it).

Note: There is nothing more powerful than a Boss Lady who owns her vision. So if you find yourself taking endless meetings with people who you think are going to give you the secret of business ownership, and then immediately after complaining to your friends about how "you maybe are going to change directions" and "you're not quite sure about pottery" and "maybe next year when you have more time"...I'm going to side-eye the holy hell out of you.

Boss Ladies do ONE THING and that is COMMIT...to saying YES, to saying NO, to moving in a different direction, to moving to a different state. That's all I'm asking of you: commit to your mission and forget everybody else. 

2. Being so completely in love with what you're doing that you don't even have time to be jealous.

Which, fair enough, is easier said than done. The one thing that destroys me about a lot of networking groups is that there is this underlying tone of competition...and I'm here to tell you that women who are BOSS don't worry about competition.

Competition keeps the market healthy, and the minute you start spiraling into that "Well, but she's totally stealing my clients by being in business!" is the moment your BOSS tiara gets snatched off your head.

Her success does not mean your failure. Her success simply means you get to cheer her on while you flip your hair and continue killing it.

3. Cheering loudly and wildly...for yourself AND for others.

You cannot serve the world by playing small. So yell your achievements loudly, take huge risks and tell us about them...we'll be there cheering right alongside you.

4. Not letting the boys have all the fun.

I've gotten a lot of flack over the last year for not creating an "inclusive" group and opening my community up to a larger market (read: men).

You know what I have to say?


(Let me compose myself here for a second. And if you're not a swear-er, I promise that's the last time I'll say it in this post.)

Because there are TONS of opportunities that are co-ed and I've been to them and, quite frankly, I think they're terrible. I think they're fake and I think that when you try to play by men's rules, you're still playing by someone else's rules.

You know what's not terrible? When you get a bunch of women in a room together and you talk to them about being supportive and not taking any nonsense and lifting each other up.

THAT is what a tribe of sisters can do when we push each other up the ladder.

Inclusivity be damned.

Note: Keep going to those inclusive events, though. I'm not hating on networking events that are co-ed, just events in general that waste my time because we're all conforming to these weird, established rules when really I want to talk about how badly I'm killing it and have three women high-five me and not try to tear me down by saying "Oh that's good! For a woman!"


I wanted to let you know what you can expect from this blog every week.

I'm going to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

You'll hear from some AMAZING female business all around the state of Montana and how they make it work in this great (though somewhat resource lacking) state.

There will be educational posts (do I need to file for an LLC? What's the  best website template to use?) and the latest entrepreneurial news from around the state (which I'll have to hire a liaison for because while I'm a Jedi at social media trends, legislation

And to be honest?

You should stick around because this is the ONLY place in all of Montana (and possibly all of the Mountain West) that gives sassy, location-specific advice and story-telling.

And who doesn't need more of that?