You promised yourself that you'd set really good goals for your business this year.

You even told yourself that you'd sit in front of the fire, glass of wine on the end table, notebook in hand, writing out quarterly income goals, what worked and didn't work from last year, and all the big, shiny brass rings you were going grasp.

You even dreamed about Instagramming it (seriously, #firelightvibes was going to be the hashtag.)

But getting out on the slopes, finishing all your Christmas shopping, and snuggling your lovies for those bliss-free days between December 24th and January 1 took priority.

(Good for you, sister. That's why we do this #bossladylife, isn't it?)

So now that the distractions are out of the way and you KNOW that you can make 2016 your year, let's all sit down together and DO. THE. WORK.

Let's create real, tangible, actionable goals that you'll ACTUALLY work towards in 2016 (instead of, ya know, those goals that sound nice in theory but by February, you've given up on).

Let's learn a STRATEGY to analyzing 2015 and figure out how to go forward and crush it in 2016.

Let's sit together and bounce ideas off of one another.

Because what you put your attention on, grows. Leaps and bounds.

Oh, and let's drink wine while we do it (because WINE. Always and forever).

2016 Goal Setting Workshop

Thursday, January 14

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


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An event for creative female entrepreneurs, whose businesses were born out of the love for design / writing / connecting / nutrition / wellness / insert-dream-business-or-side-hustle-here.

*Tickets are $40 until January 2 at noon, then tickets will go up to $50. Snag yours now!


  • For half the event, we'll discuss our businesses, the current form in which they exist, and how your business grew and changed in 2015. We'll do a little bit of work digging into things you want to leave behind and things you're proud of. And then, we'll discuss your BIG DREAMS and ambitions for your inevitable business.
  • For the other half of the event, we'll dive really deeply into creating actionable goals for 2016. We'll discuss HOW to create these goals, and then we'll create an action plan to work toward those goals.
  • After the workshop is over, we'll have quarterly check-in webinars (online! Fancy!) to discuss how it's going.
  • WARNING: This ain't no lecture series. There will be journal prompts and group discussion and getting honest with yourself about the core of your business dreams and goals. You'll be working most of the time, writing in your notebook, fleshing out business ideas, and talking to your fellow Boss Ladies about realistic, tangible goals.

Because you can have unlimited goals and dreams, but not unlimited priorities.

Through this workshop, we'll sort those priorities out and how they support your big goals and dreams.


  • It’s for you, a creative female entrepreneur, who knows the moniker “creative entrepreneur” means “comes up with creative solutions to solve BIG TIME problems”.
  • It's for the boss lady who is running the helm of her baby (or big!) business and struggling to run the rest of her life, too.
  • It's for the solopreneur who started her business with an out-of-date laptop and a credit card.
  • It's for the business owner who hopes for wholehearted collaboration rather than cutthroat competition (because, as we’ll talk about, there are MORE than enough clients and MORE than enough inspiration to go around).
  • It's for the retailer who needs accountability, understanding, and someone to throw you a confetti cannon when you win really, really big.
  • And really? It's for the women who work so hard at their craft who need a night surrounded by a group of fellow female entrepreneurs who really, truly get it.


  • Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE but are transferable ONLY if requested to 7 days in advance. This is because I am personalizing the event and don’t want to get all your personalized stuff, only to realize you can’t make it.
  • If the event sells out, please email to get put on the waitlist (because if someone can’t make it, you could be in like Flynn).